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Cause behid the IDEA!

Cause behid the IDEA

Majority of the population in India is depending on agriculture but they are not getting ample income from the farming activities. This is coercing a plethora of people from rural areas to migrate to urban areas which leads to lots of chaotic situations in the urban centers. If our farmers can engender ample income from the farm itself we can avert this migration to a certain extent. Maharashtra is one of the major agricultural states in India with 17.43 million ha under cultivation. It also ranks first in the country in terms of gross value added to food products (16.18 %). But the plights of Maharashtra farmers especially those of drought-prone areas of Vidarbha and Marathwada are very piteous and this leads to hundreds of farmers suicides every year. Monsoon, Lack of agro-processing units and felicitous markets are main reasons for the distress of farmers. Dilasa had implemented numerous water shed programmes in 5.85 hectares of land, to address the problem of monsoon. Dilasa Agro is working with the farmers for the last one decade and one of the main demands from the farmers was for an Agro-processing unit proximate to their area which can ascertain a better price for their engender. The main crops under cultivation in Aurangabad and nearby areas are tur, jowar, bajra and vegetables like tomato. The products are mainly sold to far off markets and hence there is wastage of money and material in convey. A nearby market can reduce both this and thus ascertain a better price for farmers. Dilasa Agro is taking a diminutive step to avail the farmers with an objective to establish a prosperous model of an agro-processing unit which can be replicated later by others.

The main objective of the organization is to give justice to the farmers.