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To store our products, we have established clean and safe warehouses. The processing & packaging is being done in such a manner that it retains the freshness of consumable items for a longer duration of time.

Baliraja Daal

Dilasa Agro entered the branded tur dal market with the launch of Baliraja in March 2017 and within a short span of time became the premium quality dal across the region. Our dal is procured directly from the farmers assuring safe and best quality produce to our customers. We processed 7000 metric tons of tur in a year and received good response from Vashi, Pune and local markets.

Brand Baliraja is available in four different grades namely Baliraja Double Tadka, being the highest grade quality. Next come Baliraja Suwarna, Baliraja Teen no. and Baliraja Tukdi. These are available in packs of 30 kg and a small pack of 5 kg will come out soon.

Mr. Tom

Mr. Tom is the concentrated and very rich form of Tom Ras with comparatively thick consistency and intense tomato flavor. It is used in small amounts to thicken sauces or add flavor to stews and soups.

Tom Ras

Dilasa started the fruits and vegetables unit to aid the farmers in fetching better prices. It was a proud moment when Dilasa helped distressed farmers in getting the deserved prices to decrease their burden.
Tom Ras is prepared by concentrating the liquid juice obtained from mature tomatoes that are handpicked to ensure that only the best is served to the consumer.
Whether you cook an Indian cuisine or any International cuisine, Tom Ras is a convenient staple you’ll want to keep in your pantry. It has similar nutritional value to fresh tomatoes, since it is simply the essence of tomatoes in concentrated form.
Tom Ras is available in two different pack sizes, 850g can and 60kg plastic container.

Aamra Pulp

Aamra Pulp is prepared from selected varieties of fresh mango fruit. High quality fully ripened mangoes are harvested, quickly transported to the full processing plant, washed, blanched, pulped, deseeded, centrifuged, homogenized, concentrated when required, thermally processed and especially filled maintaining sterility.
Aamra Pulp serves as a base for a variety of processed mango products like nectar, jam, jelly, juices, fruit cheese and various other kinds of beverages. It can also be used in puddings, bakery fillings, fruit meals for children and flavors for food industry, and also to make the most delicious ice creams, yoghurt and confectionery.
Aamra Pulp is available in pack size of 850 gm can. .

Tasty Tom

Tasty Tom is a sweet and tangy ketchup with assorted seasonings and spices having a lip-smacking taste. It is made from hand-picked ripened tomatoes procured directly from the farm, ensuring the best quality produce.
Tasty Tom is entirely devoid of any artificial colors, artificial flavors and any added starch.

Nutri Bake's

Dilasa Agro has worked on the crucial guidelines of making products through the best technological resources available. Dilasa Agro accompanies the assurance of high-grade raw material and infrastructure, which conveys fantastic sustenance items conforming to FSSAI standards.

Dilasa Agro offers great products, great value and great customer service. If you are a current customer, thank you for your faith in us. If you are not acquainted with our items, please try them out. We guarantee that you will adore our quality, consistency and convenience.

Cattle Feed

Dilasa Agro started offering cattle feed under the brand name ‘Baliraja Bharda’ and ‘Toor Chuni’ which is a peel powder of Tur received during the processing of the pulse. Highly nutritious and rich in proteins and minerals, Toor Chuni is the first choice of farmers.

Dilasa Agro is also launching Dilasa Cattle Feed which is a combination of Soya DOC, Makka bharda, Toor chuni, mineral mix, vitamin mix, molasses and all those ingredients that contain the essential nutrients required in cattle feed. It is a result of keen research and development and a promise to give better results to farmers.
‘Baliraja Bharda’ and ‘Toor Chuni’are available in packs of 50 kg.


During recent decades, densified agro-waste biomass, briquette has got consideration as substitution of wood fuel in provincial and semi-urban zones. There has been a current push to supplant the consuming of fossil fuels with biomass which would lower the overall pollution of the world.

Dilasa Agro has started its own briquetting plant which converts the agro waste into the briquetts and sells it to various industries, turning the waste into a considerable profit maker. The Dilasa briquette making unit is having a capacity of thousand tones per month and can process a variety of raw materials. Ram and piston type mechanical press is used in the unit to ensure maximum binding ability and high density fuel.

Silk Reeling Unit

Our silk-reeling unit is newly-established in May 2018. The very nature of silk industry with its rural based on-farm and off-farm activities and enormous employment generation potential has attracted the attention of Dilasa Agro to recognize the industry among one of the most appropriate avenues for socio-economic development in the area.

Paithani Silk is considered as one of the richest silk in India and Dilasa Agro is starting a reeling unit aiming to decrease the stress farmers who carry the silk cocoons to faraway places facing the wastage of money material in conveyance.

Soil Testing Lab

Dilasa Agro has also recently established a state of the art soil testing laboratory in its premises. The lab is approved and subsidized by the Government of Maharashtra and currently receives samples for testing from it.