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Mr. Vishnu Manohar, Famous Chef of India -
“I’m associated with Dilasa since last many years. They started the small bakery and I consulted them about the machinery and the other cooking products. When I witnessed the medium sized industry of Dilasa Agroprocessors, I was not only impressed but encouraged by the enthusiasm of its Managing Director. The products of the company are very clean, tasty and the products like tomato puree, dal and spices are of very good quality. I’m very committed to work closely with this organization for long term.”

Dr. Umakant Dangat, Former Agriculture Commissioner, Maharashtra State -
“Considering the need of the hour, all the units are established with vision. Agro processing is equally important like agro production and there is no alternative to farmers than to establishing time processing units for the better prospective of the value chain. This is praise worthy initiative of the company in the interest of the farmers as well as the customers.”


The plant is located in 5 acre area of land in Waladgaon, Aurangabad. The plant has proper connectivity via roads and uninterrupted power and water supply. There are separate units such as a Dal Mill, Fruits & vegetables processing unit, bakery, cattle feed, briquette, spices and silk reeling unit.

To store our products, we have established clean and safe warehouses. The processing & packaging is being done in such a manner that it retains the freshness of consumable items for a longer duration of time.